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  • Are all of your works original?
    They sure are! I use my own inspiration, ideas and techniques to express myself!
  • How long does it take you to create an artwork?
    If only I (or any other artist) had a dollar for the number of times we've been asked this question.... My answer is "all of my life". The creation of an artwork is the culmination of years of developing skills, years of learning to use an enormous array of materials, years of attending training and master classes, years of looking and finding ways to personally respond to the environment and find methods to convey a unique personal style. So the short answer is each artwork has taken a lifetime to create! 😌
  • What is the quality of the materials you use?
    I use professional grade artist paints. I use lightfast paints and on the occasion I use neon colours I will use Golden Professional UV standard varnish then enhances the longevity of the artwork. My canvases and frames are of exceptional quality and made in Australia. All of my artworks are varnished with the appropriate varnish for the medium used.
  • How do I care for my artwork?
    Your artwork has been varnished with the appropriate varnish for the materials used. Any artwork should be hung away from the sunlight, out of the weather and free from moisture. To keep you artwork dust free you should use something gentle and dry such as a feather duster. To transport your artwork it is best to use a protective film such as glassine paper (or the foam film you may have been provided) on the painted surface then wrapped in bubblewrap and then placed in an appropriately sized flat box. Make sure those corners are protected! If you have received your artwork in packaging like this...keep it for if you ever move house!
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